Outer Oaks

Forestry Consulting

About Outer Oaks

Outer Oaks forestry consulting strives to do the very best for you, and your trees. From site selection and planting to chemical application Outer Oaks will always put the needs of your tree first.

Meet The Arborist

Lauren Copple - ISA Certified Arborist MW-6225A

  • BS in Conservation Biology/ Marine Ecology

  • AA in Natural Resources: Forestry

  • AS General Sciences

  • City of Joplin Tree-board Vice President

  • ~ 10 years of Forest Ecology Experience

  • Missouri Master Naturalist

What our customers think about Outer Oaks!

"Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Lauren was very educational in what trees would really thrive in our yard and she picked out the very best. I’m really grateful that I sought out help from a professional rather than just winging it on my own. The entire process was stressless and pain-free. I only wish that I had more land so that I could have her plant all the trees! I’ve already ran out of her business cards because I simply can’t recommend her enough! "

-Jennifer Thompson

"Lauren has taken great care of my trees! She is the only person I would trust with my trees. She planted the trees, gave me great instructions on how to take care of them, and now she does the upkeep. She has properly mulches around the trees and knows which branches have to go! You won’t go wrong using her knowledge to better your trees! "

-Rachel Stuart